Recipies to be successful in your weight lost…

1. Focus your goal to lose weight

2. Find a good coach

3. Be a self discipline person

4. Learn from your coach

5. Eat clean food

6. Drink more…

7. Excercise

6. Work together with your family and friends

8. Consistent… Keep focus your goal

9. Herbalife


Which way you choose your journey

Hello . This is about me…

How i think..

I am different .

As the only daughter for my mum… I choose my own decisions.


I was brought up in a middle class family. . My parents are government servant. We are from the north state of Malaysia.

I was a shy and good daughter. I have a kind and loving grandmother  .. Who are my Atok who always love.. Pampered me… And provide me with full of freedom. She teach me how to solat.. Cook… And how i be myself today…

She passed away in 2007. I was shocked and sad. As I live in Seremban I am not able to be with her on her last day.

This changed me alot…

I am no more a shy person and i changed, to be more independent and stronger.

I thank Allah who give me patience and guidance for all difficulties that I walk through….

Life gives me HOPES, and GOOD FRIENDS and I will try my best to share it all… ❤️❤️❤️